BetterCraft Mod

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BetterCraft is a mod for MineCraft 1.7.3, which adds many new blocks and items to make the game more interesting.

"Why is it for 1.7.3? That version is almost 11 years old!"

Beta 1.7.3 is the last version of MineCraft that doesn't have sprinting, hunger, experience, or potions. Those features make the game less fun and noticeably easier.


Latest version (v0.3.2)
v0.3.2-pre2 binary
v0.3.2-dev binary
v0.3.0 binary
v0.3.0 source code
v0.2.0-dev binary
Mirror #1 (not available)
Mirror #2 (not available)

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This mod is available under the MIT license, that means you can have it on your server, upload it to other sites, use it in a modpack, or even sell it (although I doubt anybody would want to pay for it), as long as you credit me.
I encourage you to license your mods under permissive licenses as well.

Installation instructions:

Install it like you would install any other ModLoader mod, please keep in mind that this is a very early version of this mod, it is not intended for use in a work environment. This is a ModLoader rewrite of the original b1.6.6 BetterCraft mod which is a direct JAR mod, it (the ModLoader version) currently doesn't have all of the features that were present in the original mod. Changing block and items IDs is currently not possible w/out modifying the code, the next major version (0.4.0) will probably include a config file.