JULY 3RD, 2021

My thoughts on Windows 11

First, the 2021 Microsoft Windows Event was announced, it was scheduled to start on June 24, 2021 at 11 a.m., then, on June 15th, Windows 11 Build 21996 was leaked to the Internet, it's quite possible that this was done by Microsoft intentionally as a publicity stunt. During the event, Windows 11 was officialy announced. The first Windows Insider preview build (No. 22000) came out on June 28th, it has some new features that weren't present in build 21996, such as the option to change the color mode, or the removal of the ribbon menu from Explorer. I think the new glass theme looks pretty neat, although Windows Classic and Aero look better in my opinion. This build lacks the start menu tile ads which are present in Windows 10, I hope it stays that way when the OS oficially releases. I'm currently waiting for the official release,