APRIL 1, 2021

April Fools' 2021 Recap

Reddit: Second

Second is the 2021 annual Reddit event. Previous events include Place, Sequence, and The Button.
In order to win a round, you have to vote on the second most-voted picture. As of April 3nd 3:35 GMT+1 there
have been 1948 rounds. I played the game myself and my score is currently 1,367
Powerlanguage just announced that Second will end after round 2000, it will last one hour. UPDATE 2021-4-3 4:28 GMT+1
Round 2000 just started!!! Will add more info soon!

UPDATE 2021-4-3 4:39 GMT+1
There are three images with text on them: "RANDOM GUESSING", "STRATEGY", "INSTINCT". The count reveal timer is currently at 413 seconds.

UPDATE 2021-4-3 5:10 GMT+1
Corrected the dates of the previous updates to say April 3rd instead of April 2nd.

UPDATE 2021-4-3 5:12 GMT+1
The second vote reveal just ended. I'm currently waiting for the round to end. The timer is currently at 891

UPDATE 2021-4-3 5:45 GMT+1
The final round just ended.

Mojang: Minecraft Plus

This year Mojang released a bundle of screensavers for 64-bit Windows 7 and higher.
It is called Minecraft Plus and can be downloaded from this page.
There are multiple hidden messages in the mark-up of the download page, here they are:
  • I definitely wasn't hired for my webdev skills haha
  • What is this? Where are all the libraries? This is never going to work in IE
  • Is that written by hand? Puzzling!
When you try to configure the screensaver, you get one of the following messages:
  • Busy config window|Sorry, I don't have time to handle this right now
  • Optimistic config window|Nothing here, but I'm sure something will eventually show up
  • Deep config window|Ask yourself why do you need to change anything?
  • Motivational config window|Important things in life can't be configured by just clicking
  • Fortune cookie config window|Your lucky number is fish
  • Banana config window|Banana
  • Minecraft config window|Removed dirt
  • Enlightened config window|Everything is already perfectly configured
  • ??? config window|Help, I'm trapped in a config window factory
  • Goat config window|Toggled Goat
  • Config window|3D Maze: disabled
  • Stubborn config window|...!
  • Mentor config window|The real config was inside you all along
  • Config window|Listen, you have so many config windows to choose from, why did you pick me?
  • Printer config window|Low cyan!
  • Operation successful|Reversed config window
  • Error config window|No error!
  • three config window|Three is now set to seven
  • Tpyo confg windiw|Mispelings, actiivated?
  • Treacherous config window|This is not a config window
  • Assertive config window|NO!
  • Educational config window|Config windows may contain useful settings!
  • Assistant config window|It looks like you are trying to config screensaver!
  • Important config window|The thing is done!
  • Lonely config windowSeems I'm the only one here